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Tatjana Rainalter- Naturopath

Is a certified, licensed naturopathic practitioner in Munich since 1993.

In Australia she attended YINS University in where she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Naturopathic Science, BNSc(Hons).
2001 she moved to Singapore. 2002 she opened the first german naturopathic clinic in Singapore.
There she continued the education with a chines doctor in acupuncture.
Tatjana is a caring and compassionate primary health care provider and strives to provide top-quality individualized treatment for every patient.
Tatjana Rainalter specializes in “Complementary and Integrated Medicine” using treatments such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Lifestyle Counseling and Cranio Sacral Therapy by Upledger Institute.
2010 she opend her clinic in Munich.
Tatjana Rainalter is skilled in a range of unique complementary therapies. This multi-disciplinary approach allows her to provide patients with the most suitable therapy (or combination of therapies) for their healthcare needs.

Through careful consideration and understanding, she will customize a therapy best suited in healing every unique individual.

  • 1993 Naturopath
  • 2002 Study at YINS College:ND,HD, ADAs(N), BNSc(Hons) (reg. in Australia)
  • 2002 Clinic in Singapore
  • Articles in magazines and newspapers
  • 2010 clinic opening in Munich


  • Acupuncture Singapore
  • Bioresonanz Dr. Sundardas
  • Irodologie Josef Angerer
  • Colourpuncture Peter Mandel
  • Cranio Sacral Uplager Institut
  • Darkfield
  • Batchelor in Naturopathy (Bachelor of natural science) YINS Collage

Tatjana Rainalter
Naturopathy Specialist
HP Heilpraktikerin (Reg. in Germany)
ND,HD, ADAs(N), BNSc(Hons) (reg. in Australia)

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Combined Natural Therapies:

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80331 Muenchen
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